Freak Parade - Promo

"Wounds with its guitars, and heals with its melodies..."
Jaroslav Rudis

Freak Parade formed in 1993 near Prague, (Czech Republic) after Rebecca
met Michael Bowling in the dorm of the university where they were
both working. This meeting lay the foundation for an act that
would release three albums (1996's I Don'T Think So - Indies
2003's Future Shock - Slow Motion Riot Records,
2010's All Lovers Are Traitors - Slow Motion Riot Records)
play hundreds of shows in such countries as Germany, France,
England, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland, and share the
stage with such notables as Babes In Toyland (Minn, MN),
A Subtle Plague
(San Fransisco, CA), Peter Pan
Speedrock (NL), and the Real McKenzies (CAN)
. FP mixes
melody, harmony, and raw punk, delivering an emotional,
high-intensity performance.